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Thread: Can I easily trim 1 second off all AVCHD clips?

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    Default Can I easily trim 1 second off all AVCHD clips?

    Hi Guys, returning to the video editing scene after some time and find each video clip from my now digital cameras ( AVCHD ) have a sound delay and click at the start and sometimes end. As I do some editing in camera when shooting, I have to initialy remove a second from each end of clip after importing, before detailed editing. Wondering if VMS 10 or anything had a way to trim multiple clips to quickly remove a second from each end ?
    My previous cameras used Mini DV tape which was seamless between clips when camera paused.

    Regards.. Nick.

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    1 second? i have not a try, but edit video i normally use
    aneesoft HD video converter.

    • Convert among HD video formats: AVCHD M2TS, MTS, TS, HD MOV, HD AVI, HD MP4, HD FLV, etc.
    • Convert HD video to SD video/audio formats
    • Edit HD video: trim, crop, merge, add watermark and apply special effects to video.

    you can download free trial, maybe it can trim 1 sec. video.
    good luck to you!!

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