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    Default looking for filmmakers

    Hi to everyone!

    Our company starts up in information technologies and would like the promotion commercial to be shot.

    The shooting will be promoted on our official web site and youtube.
    Unfortunately, the budget we can afford for the commercial is limited (up to 2000$) so we would like it to be done as cheaply as possible. On the other hand the commercial has to be very effective to attract potential buyers.
    The approximate time of the shooting is supposed to be 3-5 minutes.
    We hope our proposal will concern newly-made filmmakers.
    In any case, we will be grateful for any advices relating the issue.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi, I have PM'd you regarding this. I look forward to hearing from you.

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    Feel free to contact our video production studio

    Kaido Veermäe,
    Rudolf Konimois Film

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    I'm curious how it turned out.
    Was it effective?

    Walter - BrokxMedia - Bedrijfsfilms, Commercials, Onlinevideo - Creatief Audiovisueel Ontwerp

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