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    hi, i was wondering if you could tell me the Best software for capturing footage thro firewire. or do $1500 software capture no better than free or cheap software. also is their away to help or stop it from dropping frames while capturing? thanx

    also what is the best format to capture as?

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    Depends on your preference. Personally, I'd recommend Adobe Premiere. I'm assuming you're from the US (because you didn't put canadian or australian before "$" :-P) So it should cost you about $90-$100 if you shop around.

    As for stopping it dropping frames, make sure your hard drive is defragmented. Ideally, you should have two hard drives in your PC - one for the OS, one for video capturing.

    The best format to capture as if you're going to be fiddling around with the file a lot is DV format, you can download a windows codec from here:

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