I'm a recent guy on the video editing world.
But I'm not a total newb (I think )

Here's my problem:

I record my videos with a new Toshiba Camileo P-10
I record in Full HD 1080p
File type is: AVI
Codec: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC

Ok, first:
This happens in every program that I use to edit this files.
In Windows Live Movie Maker, the video is shown like this, but when I render it it's normal.
In Adobe Premiere CS4, I can't preview the video it runs like 1 frame by frame and still with this problem.
In Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 the preview runs smoothly but it still has this problem.

This is what happens:

As you can see the video is like mirrored or split I don't know.
I would pay for someone to fix this for me

I got no high expectations in seeing this solved... cause it might be internal codec configs or something like this, It will probably be faster to save up and buy a new camcorder then to fix this.

But at least I try, and by the way, this happens to all users of this camera.

Best Regards,

Diogo Teque