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Thread: Wedding video editor/camera operator

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    Default Wedding video editor/camera operator

    Hi guys,

    This is my first post.

    Due to a very busy summer I am in need of a wedding video editor and/or camera operator based near or in West London.

    I specialise in indian wedding, footage would include pre-wedding party, wedding and reception party. From this the editor should provide the following;

    - Pre-wedding party edit
    - intro/titles for the wedding (basic is fine)
    - Wedding day & reception edit
    - Highlights of the wedding and reception

    This is the first time I am outsourcing my editing and therefore do not know about rates and charges. So if anyone has any ideas let me know


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    Hi Jasman. I've found the fairest way for this is to charge per minute of film supplied. I currently charge 1.25 per minute. If you're interested, drop me a PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archie View Post
    Hi Jasman. I've found the fairest way for this is to charge per minute of film supplied. I currently charge 1.25 per minute. If you're interested, drop me a PM.
    Interesting way of charging Archie.

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    Many ethnic weddings are 'days' rather than 'hours', so the finished article is far more lengthy than the norm. If you charge a flat price then end up with 30 to 40 hrs of footage to edit - particularly if the camera work is bad, then you end up paying to edit the job. Not saying that's the case with Jasman's job, but you need to tread carefully, or get burnt.

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    I wasn't complaining or criticising at all. I was thinking it was a good idea

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    I agree, an interesting and dynamic way of charging. I will do my sums and get back to the number of output hours required. Archie, where are you based and whats the best way of sending footage to editors?


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    Based in Ashford, Kent, Jasman. So not exactly local, but no distance really. The best way to send footage is solid state memory cards. (Make sure you have copies). If it's on tape, easiest/best thing to do is to capture that to a portable HDD and send that. They're cheap as chips these days. The main thing is, that you retain the originals.

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    Hello Sir,

    We edit overseas wedding video's & photo's in kolkata, India since the year 2007. Having few clients from Leicester, Kent, London, Chicago, California & Sydney. We are highly professionals & Creative. We are expert of Asian Communities as well westerns. We have a very unique way to get the raw footage from you & send back to you its edited video's

    We would like show you some of our edited clips

    Please send me a PM for another information
    Looking Forward to hear you.

    Thank you

    Prabhu Shaw

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