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    Hope this is in the right section. Im after a connection for a go pro hd. I ll try explain as best i can, i want to set up a preview screen for setting up my go pro in cars. In the casing or waterproof housing i am going to drill 2 holes. One where the pc connection is and one where the tv out connection is. Then i will thread the holes and use a suitable bolt with a rubber washer.
    Reason for this is i want to connect the tv cable to the go pro when its roughly set up in the car. First of all i need a portable screen that runs on batteries and will take the red/white/yellow connectors on the end of the gopro cable. Second issue is when i plug the pc connection into the go pro at the other end is a usb 2.0 connection that usally plugs into a computer and also recharges the go pro, i want a device of mobile power supply that i can plug the usb into and it will power the go pro. Something off rechargeable batterie's.
    I think i explained it right, just not all race cars have power supplies so i would like to be able to be fully portable then i could use this to set up a go pro on anything, anywhere.
    If any one has a link or a name for the power supply i would need for the usb cable it would be great.

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    How about charging it from the veheicle's electrical system, as with:
    [ame=] Kensington Auto Power Adapter with USB Power Port K33418US: Electronics[/ame]

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    Problem is rallycross cars and libre's dont have a cigarette socket, so that idea is like what im after just if it could be powered from rechargable batteries. Thanks for help

    Typed in the name of the adopter you showed and after a few pages and different wording..........
    This might be what im looking for PowerSource Mobile 100 | Portable Battery Charger | Duracell
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    If you already have the necessary kit to power the cam via a mains supply; then how about using an 'uninteruptable power supply'. APC make many models, for example:
    [ame=] APC Back-UPS ES 500 Backup Battery and Surge Protector: Electronics[/ame]

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    Only reason i want this is so i can make a live view for the go pro so i know when it is setup right in a car. Wont work off the laptop cause it switches to usb mode, but just a portable power will make it to live view once its connected to the mini screen and i play a 2 sec clip first. After live view is on i can pull the power supply out and it will be grand and stay on.

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    does it not only switch to usb mode when you plug the usb in while the camera is turned on? or am i thinking of something different?

    ive got one of those vivitar multi media players (20gig with screen) (ebay 170592031800) if this is any good to you

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