Have a problem with Vegas Platinum 9 and 4:3 versus 16:9... I have a work around but there must be a simpler way!
I am recording composite video via an ADVC110 which is in 16:9 format. The default settings in the Vegas capture window capture this at 4:3 but it is easy to change this so that the clips are all recorded in 16:9 as expected when in the Capture window. When I say the capture is complete and exit the capture window the file appears suitably saved but now its 4:3.
Again I can change the file properties to make it appear 16:9 so editing it is OK.
Problem is that when I render the avi to an mpg2 file using the default template Vegas saves it as 4:3 again!
I can render it as 16:9 but this is video only, ie without sound. My workaround is to render it using the default template which makes the mpg in 4:3 but with sound, then render another file with the widescreen video without sound, and when in DVD architect I change the video streeam to pick up the 16:9 as is required. This works OK but it sure is a pain, there must be a way to take a capture which shows as 16:9 in the capture window and saves it as 16:9 rather than 4:3 as it appears to do.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated! Vegas is version 9.0b build 92.