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Thread: Youtube Artifacts with 10mb bitrate help!

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    Default Youtube Artifacts with 10mb bitrate help!

    Okay so my source media is fraps. I record with fraps @ 91 fps with a res of 1280 x 720. I don't drop from 91 fps at all. Now I import the raw fraps footage into vegas, edit it and add some effects then render it as uncompressed avi.

    My uncompressed settings are

    1280 x 720
    59.940 (Double NTSC) - Reason i changed the fps is because the audio would get out of sync if i dont.
    None (progressive scan)
    Pixel aspect ratio - 1.0
    Interleave every seconds is checked
    interleave every frame is checked
    create an open dml avi version 2.0 compatible file is checked

    Now that I have my uncompressed avi. I import that avi into adobe media encoder and render as H.264 using these settings

    1280 x 720
    none progressive
    widescreen 16:9


    bitate = 10

    Okay so now that you know how I got this .mp4 file maybe you can give me some advice. My problem is whenever I upload it to youtube its awful quality. The text on the left is blocky. Whenever I move around in the video there are artifacts on the text hud and radar. I'm sure there's loads more artifacts too.

    Here is the mp4 file its 15 mb uploaded to mediafire

    Here is the youtube link with the awful quality I explained up there.
    [ame=""]YouTube - Untitled_1.mp4[/ame]

    Here is what I want my video to look like.
    YouTube - CS5 Adobe After Effects | Render Tutorial | New Process Explained

    This pic down there is an example comparing the 2 qualities. Now the pic on the right is a slowmo clip. The pic on the left is in real time. For Some reason when i play the clip in realtime the video will get pixelated and the quality is bad. But when I upload a video in slow mo the quality is actually good. WHY???

    I'ld like to have the slowmo quality to play in realtime and look the same as the slow mo.

    Any advice to fix this problem is appreciated. Please post if you have any ideas on how to fix this problem.


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    bump >.> maybe im in the wrong forum? :(

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