Just been digging around my old stuff, found a Canon G45Hi Image Stabilizer and have decided to have a little play with it. I don't have the charger, but have found one on ebay, nor do I have any other cables. I do however still have the PC-A5 Scart Adapter.

I have no idea how to transfer any captured footage to my computer, which is what I would be looking to do. Could anyone give me any information about which cables I would need to do so?

I've had a bit of a google to try and figure something out, but I don't seem to be able to find what I'm looking for.

Can I just use a DV (IEEE 1394) cable direct from camcorder to pc? I do have a 1394/Firewire In port. In the manual it only shows how to connect to a TV/Video recorder with the use of a C-250 AV cable (with/without the scart adapter), or using an S-150 video cable in conjunction with the C-250, but there is nothing about how to connect to a PC

Thanks for any help!