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    Tell me what you think.
    Shot with canon vixia hf200 @ 60i.

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    I have a mixed review for you. I liked it, but have a few suggestions, too.

    Quality was great on most scenes (which is what I would expect from your camera on a sunny day outdoors), but occasionally was a bit underexposed. I liked the intro, seemed to set a good pace for the video. The song was a good choice for the pace, and occasionally lined up with the action taking place, but overall I thought could have been more relevant (maybe a Beach Boys song?). It also would have been nice to be able to recognize faces during the closing credits.

    The scenes got a little repetitive towards the middle and I thought you could have chosen only the better attempts, but then towards the end they got more interesting again.

    So overall I think you did great!

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    For me - it was a goodish effort but so much more could've been done.

    First off - get rid of those flashes - irritating and pointless beyond belief.
    Second - change perspective now and then. All shot from one place, no variation at all. Move down to the waters edge, left and right, sideways - anything to break it up a little.
    Third - only use shots that don't jerk around - here and there (and I suspect you did it to fill up the song time you had to fill) shots wander and miss the person. Ditch them. (You can always shorten the song if it's too long for what you've shot). The very first opening shot seemed an odd choice with the shake in it.
    Fourth. If your going to name someone (number three at the end) show the face - all we saw was the back of the head.

    Overall - just plan a little better - you're not far off having a good video - but if you don't have or use a tripod, try and steady the camera better and move around to vary the action.

    Quality of images is great in the sunshine but poor in overcast conditions - check your settings and compensate when required.

    Keep at it though ok?

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    Ok thankyou

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    have to agree with what Andy says here, those flashes just don't do it for me, not sure if your horizon level was a effect or bad comp.

    it only takes a tiny bit of tilt to make the horizon seem like a scream, tricky to have it anything but level, possibly other will not agree with this
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    Not bad...although, I think it's too repetitive as well. It needed a pace change or two. A few more camera angles would have done the trick along with some different music; music that could coinside with the pace changes. The average viewer only has an attention span of less than a minute, if they don't see something new before the minute is up, then they'll assume they've seen it all and start skipping ahead or just leave all together. I have the same problem in alot of my videos, so don't feel alone. Quality was great though.
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