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DIRTY WORDS: THE LETTER C - Remember those kids programmes aimed at boosting your vocabulary by presenting words using a series of themes? Cult US filmmaker, T. Arthur Cottam does and in this hilarious film uses the presentation style and bright colours of kids TV to illustrate a collection of rude words and phrases beginning with the letter 'c'.
THIS EMPTY ISLAND – A moody, unsettling horror short with a real sense of post-apocalyptic urban decay. The final images of blood-covered youths staring sullenly at the camera offers social comment, too.
EXTRA HOLES – This film is for everybody who has woken up after a big night-out, in a rush to get out the door and in desperate need to find one small, vital item - but can't remember where it is!
BLINDS - What happens during the few seconds between sleep and awake? That's the question this experimental short explores with close-ups of a woman looking through window blinds as they open and close to reveal different shots of cars, trains and people.

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