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Thread: quick question about this camera

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    Default quick question about this camera

    Is this camera MPEG-2?? I want a sony handycam thats most definitely not MPEG-2 and is at a good price of 400 and below...
    Also are all miniDV cameras MPEG-2??

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    avi format raw video, most of them, check the price of a pc330 you wont be dissapointed.

    Most that say mpeg-2 probably mean with software u can capture from camera to mpeg 2.

    they dont record mpeg on the tape.

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    well I hope not all miniDV have to be captured in MPEG-2 format because MPEG-2 isn't compatible with anything, I needs omething that will capture in DV, MPEG-4, or something of that nature.I'm looking at this one too..

    I just want a miniDV that has NOTHING to do with MPEG-2

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    Most miniDV cameras capture in, erm, DV format

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