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    Hello there,
    I am working on a video school project with some of my class-mates, we are newbies in video recording and video editing but we try to do our best by watching tutorials.

    We would like to create an introduction similar to the one from the link below:

    Can anybody guide us arround how to create something similar like this or just post some tutorial if they exist already. Thanks indeed.

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    you can make your still using photoshop, just make sure that there is no background in the object you want.

    next you import it into aftereffects(i'm assuming that's what you are using) and turn it into a 3D structure

    Just click the box that the red arrow is pointing to

    next, you would animate your object

    the in the video you showed, they used y-rotation, and added a shadow. I indicated those with a red arrow.
    So if you want it to spin, I would put a keypoint at 0 degrees, then add another keypoint at 90 degrees.

    Your object is currently invisible. At this point you would delete it, and replace it with another object, which you would then put keypoints to turn it back to a visible position.

    Remember that you will need to move the axis of the rotation to the center of the object.

    If all of this is really confusing, or you need help with what keypoints are and how to set them, watch this video:
    Adobe Design Center - CS3 Adobe Video Workshop
    there are a bunch of other videos on that site which are quite helpful as well.

    For the dust particles at the end of the introduction, I would watch this video:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Realistic Muzzle Flare Tutorial[/ame]
    at about 3:15 he starts talking about adding smoke effects

    I hope that helps!
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