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    Smile render widescreen

    Ok I have a panasonic tm300 recording at maximum hd resolution. it is fitted with the original panasonic widescreen lens. the camera is set to record in widescreen.

    i have rendered a video as mpeg 2 in sony vegas 9 using the main concept template dvd architect widescreen.

    I have black bars on the final render. is that correct? or should i have rendered out on the normal non widescreen setting? i am unsure if when i have the widescreen lens fitted if i should have black bars at the end of the process as opposed to everything filling the screen on a widescreen tv. i have noticed that on some of my renders i have the black bars on some i dont yet the pixel size on the properties of the videoas are the same @ 720 x 576.

    assistance would be appreciated as i am creating a dvd now and it looks odd with no consistency.

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    When you click on the Render As option the box that comes up has some tick box options at the bottom. One is called stretch video to fill output frame size. Is that ticked on yours, if so try unselecting it. Make sure you have the aspect ratio of 16:9 set in the custom options or that you are using the widescreen template. If not it could be that your camera is not really shooting widescreen. I had an old Panasonic that use to put letterbox bars on top of a 4:3 image and call it "widescreen"

    Hope this helps.
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    that stretch video frame is unticked, the camera is 6 months old so i dont believe it cheats on widescreen!

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    You may need to tick that option then do a short test render to see if that gets rid of the bars.

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