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Thread: canon e320 8mm camcorder

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    Default canon e320 8mm camcorder

    Hi all.
    I now its a long shot and I realise that the above is akin almost to the zx spectrum but I wonder if anybody can help me.
    I want to transfer all my cassettes onto disc but when I tried the camcorder it would not work .
    The power switches off after about 30 secs and then will not come back on for at least an hour.
    In an attempt to fix it I purchased another similar model for peanuts with the hope that I could use it for spare parts but it also has similar problems.
    I should add that I have not used the camcorder for years.
    Could the problem just be condensation and if so what should I do to correct it.
    As you have now gathered I am no expert on these matters and I would be grateful for any advice.
    I just need to recover what is on the cassettes.
    Thanks in anticipation

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    If powering it from its battery; might the battery be at fault?

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    Default, that is a possibility but I have also used the adaptor which takes the power direct and the problem is still the same.
    Looks like I will have try and buy a used one that takes the same cassettes on e/bay.
    Incidentally do you know if any other make will use the same cassettes ie 8mm
    Thanks for your response

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