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Thread: My 7 min short film .. About life of a boy suffering from cancer

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    Thumbs up My 7 min short film .. About life of a boy suffering from cancer

    It was my first sincere effort to write and direct a short film for a Cancer awareness Campaign that gives a message... About the Camera work ... It was deliberate to show shaky and unclear images in flashbacks ... Some people have loved the effect and some haven't.... Would love to receive feedback.... The title of the film is 'WHATEVER IT TAKES'..

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    Was it filmed with a phone.

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    I filmed the college going flashback part with the phone because As i Said... I wanted to the picture to be unclear and hazy... As that is what is left in his memories... I know its an unusual concept... but an attempt never the less...

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    A bit hard to watch, the camera was very shaky ( intended ) and the orientation bothered me also.. the beginning was a little horror film like.. Maybe some establishing shots of the boy at first then take us into his dream/flashbacks.. maybe a re-edit?

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