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Thread: I need a pro video camera (Budget ~$1600)

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    Default What are some PROFESSIONAL grade video cameras? (Budget ~$1600-$5000)

    I'm getting into filming a band for real soon, and I need a truly high quality, professional grade video camera to film their live concerts in bigger venues (to replace a mini-DV I've been using... my last video using it is linked below... notice how unless I had perfect lighting everything lacks a certain "higher end" picture quality and looks generally amateur? Often just blurry?).

    I have no idea what to look for, I have no knowledge in the higher end of filming, just what I've used. I just need something very good looking that will film the lighting from live shows clearly- even after uploading somewhere.

    I can save MAYBE $2000 in the next month, but I don't know if I'll have that much in time. But what are some "go to" recommendations for cameras in that ~$1600 price range? Even if I'm way off in my price estimate and need to save up for a more expensive one for longer, what are the best cameras in THAT range? ($5000 or so?)

    Thank you for any advice!

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