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Thread: If you use avchd you might love me for sharing this

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    Default If you use avchd you might love me for sharing this

    I have experimented with make a film for the net using AVCHD footage. Like goldilocks's porridge every format I saved in was ok but had one thing that wasn't quite right...I tried 20+ different formats using corel video studio until I stumbled on a word of wisdom.....
    Using Corel anyway you HAVE to save as avchd, not mp4 or anything else...

    sounds obvious, if so glad you know this stuff better than me but this post might stop one other person pulling their hair out with frustration..
    When I went on forum to make video first Iwas told that MP4 IS avchd so will work perfect. err no. not quite. basically you need to save (in my case ) 25fps and same settings.

    If you think its not right heres the crunch. my video in MP4 looked ok until someone pointed out that the eagles flying at 3 minutes 50 seconds had shadowy wings , like a double image, feint but visible. quite a few people said all consumer cams do this as are not designed to shoot fast action...A few people said that their videos had ghosting too and it was unavoidable with fast action, so I am posting this to say you can get rid of it.
    If you look at my new vid at 3:50 and look at wings flapping you can see no shadowing.

    I have left the previous version on the tube as well so you can compare...
    hope this helps someone...

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    My glad you've found a solution Alex and that you took the time to share it with us.

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