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Thread: need info on progressive & interlaced/also file formats

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    Smile need info on progressive & interlaced/also file formats

    Hi there

    1) I have some issues with editing. I have shot some video on a JVC GZ-MG20/EK HDD video camera and dont know if it it shoots in progressive or interlaced, what is the norm on more recent video cameras, interlaced or progressive?

    2) Also I am going to show the video on a DVD player using a HD LCD TV will this be using progressive? Not sure what the resolution is on the TV, if that makes any difference to what I choose.

    3) And one more thing I am using software that came with the camera and I am converting the video that I shot on the JVC and making them Quick Time movies so I can edit them in After Effects. I am using DV-PAL format in the quick Time settings and it asks for interlaced or progressive. This is why I would like to no what to use, but partly concerned as wether this can harm the iMac monitor or the LCD TV if I selected the wrong one. Or does it not effect it in that way and its just what is a better image?

    4) So if I am editing on a LCD monitor and showing the final video on a LCD TV is it best to use progressive?

    5) Do you know if DV-PAL is a good format to use for compressed video files as I never really know which one to use when compressing the file, which I have to do as the file would be to big and I am working with only a 250 GB HD. I am always outputting for a PAL DVD player to show on a PAL LCD TV.
    other options in the software that came with the camera are
    apple pixlet video
    apple VC H.263
    jpeg 2000
    MPEG-4 video
    I am new to all this video editing but very much want to learn, so any help would be much appreciated

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    1. This depends on the setting you choose in the camera.
    2. If your play back is for a DVD on a the resolution will be 720 x 576 widescreen
    3. No harm will come to your screens, computer or TV
    4. I would say yes if your TV can show progressive but I don't know of DVD software that will do it in progressive. Most I've come across is interlaced.
    5. The format for a standard DVD is MPEG2 so the DVD burning software will convert your file automatically. This mpeg2 formate will show it's self on the DVD as a .vob file

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the quick reply
    I am clear on all your answers except 5. This bit of software I am using is just to convert it into some form of quick time move to use in after effects. I am not sure though which is the best quick time format to use is DV-PAL ok to use? It does seem to be quit good quality when used. Am I write in saying I can only edit quick time movies in a mac version of after effects?
    Thanks again for your help

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    I'm not a Mac user so I don't know about this kind of thing. If the format you are using works for you and is good quality, I would stick with that, unless you find something better.

    I know with video editing, having the best quality you can get and the smallest file size is like the holy grail for us all but usually we have to compromise on one or the other.

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