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Thread: Which Editing Software should I buy

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    Default Which Editing Software should I buy

    I am a newbie and would like to know whether I should buy Adobe Elements 3 or Pinnacle 9 or ??? PLEASE HELP????????
    I just don't know which one to buy. I am using Windows 98 se
    Yours hopefully
    Magz :

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    It's a matter of Personal preference, though Adobe Premiere ELements is only on version 1, so I don't know if you're thinking about the wrong program?

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    The only Adobe Elements v3 is Photoshop Elements which won't edit video for you. Presumably you mean Premiere Elements. Either way, you're out of luck my friend because it required Windows XP to run.

    Don't know the first thing about Pinnacle s/w so can't comment there.

    What worries me is the mention of 98 se. If you are still using an OS that old then presumably you will have a similarly speced PC in which case you'll have trouble editing video on it at all.

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    Default Whcih Video editing software

    Hi, I have 2.4Mkz processor and 512 RAM and am currently editing video using pinnacle and arc Soft but want to get to grips with a REAL programme and thought that Adobe is such a trusted name I was just windering. i know my brother uses Roxio but he has XP so????
    Who knows what I should use?????????
    Completely flummoxed!!!!!!!!!!

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    I'm guessing you mean 2.4GHz processor, and if you're using 512MB of RAM, a windows 98 operating system is way, way underspecified. Buy a windows XP upgrade and get that loaded first, then maybe try Premiere Elements?

    Roxio make CD/DVD writing software though, not video editing software...

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    Default Which video editing software?

    Here's a suggestion - I've just bought an OEM version of Pinnacle Studio 9 SE (it's a version with some of the features disabled) from:
    for 3.23 (yes, I was naively under the impression that it was the full version since they omitted to mention the SE bit). However it'll give you an idea of how easy it is to use and whether or not you like the interface (my personal opinion - it's not bad at all, but it's definitely not a 'professional' package). While you're there (and I must stress at this point that I have absolutely no connection with CCL, except as an occasional customer) you can get a full OEM edition of Windows XP Home for 55 - but here's the catch - only if you buy (for example) a new hard drive. With an 80 gigabyte hard drive available for 35 quid, you've got massive additional storage (and you're going to need it), a decent operating system (with Windows Moviemaker included) and some pretty good capture/editing/dvd burning software all for under a hundred quid!
    If you've gone ahead and bought Adobe Premiere elements in the meantime, perhaps you could let me know what you think of that!

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    You can get XP home OEM for under 60 at a few online retailers without the extra purchase, for those that might want it. Have to admit it's one of my better PC purchases on reflection.


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