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    OK, the Microphone tpoic at the top of the page covers general recording, but i need a Mic fro Interviews

    Having explored the Wireless options, and having some info and opinions on here previously, i have decided that it is just going to be as easy to keep it wired and just get the mic sorted

    Up to now i had just been using a cheap 35 mic , which wasnt doing a bad job really, but i want something that sounds good, and looks a bit better.

    When i bought my FX1 it came with a Rode NTG-2, which i decided to try the other day, but the handling noise was quite bad, and the wind noise even worse, its only got the foam wind shield on, not a furry one, but still, quite bad wind noise

    So does anyone on here do outdoor interviews that can recomend something suitable ?

    I will be selling the NTG-2 to put towards the new one, so Budget probably around the 100 mark ( and can be a used Mic )


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    Sennheiser MD46

    Probably the most common "reporter mic" around. Second-hand on ebay for about a hundred.

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    I looked at that after googling my question, was that the wireless one ? or is that an adapter ? will it just work off an XLR ?

    And how do they cope in the wind ? do they put an extra wind cover on or use tham as they come ?

    ( sorry, dont know if you have one or just recomending something )


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