My husband just recently very kindly bought me a Sony vaio laptop with lots of memory and lots of editing software, most of which I cannot use at the moment because I only have an analogue camcorder.

I also got studio 9 given to me but I have two problems with it. I have an adaptec video-oh external capture device but it won't work with studio 9. Also studio 9 doesn't fit properly on my screen. I have been in touch with pinnacle who have told me that i need to change the screen resolution, but if I do this it knocks everything else to pot. They also mentioned some hardware I could buy to work with my analogue camcorder and studio 9 software but I am still confused as to what I am buying.

Should I still go with this software or should I get something else that would work better on my laptop, ie. ulead videostudio 8. Or would I still need to get more hardware for this too.

Sorry for all the questions but this is all new to me!!!