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Thread: transfer video to web forum

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    Default transfer video to web forum

    Hi all

    I was wondering how it is possible to send a video on youtube direct to a web forum so the members can click straight onto the first screen to start the video playing

    Thanks in advance for any help


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    This depends on the forum software being used. Some require you to copy the embedded code from the YouTube page but this forum only require the URL or page address.

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    Thanks MB for replying

    I have been trying desperately for someone with a little computer knowledge to be able to give me a walk thru (button by button) to put videos from You Tube to a web forum. I have been given several different ways in part, but I am comming to the conclusion that nobody either wants to help or are unable to. The annoying thing is it appears other people are keeping the knowledge to themselves as if there is some top secret government restrictions preventing them for passing on the information.

    So in sheer desperation and someone on here please help me out of my misery


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    MB's reply contained the whole truth.

    Different Forum software behave differently. There is no single method used.
    If you are referring to a particular Forum, then post your query there, or send a message to a Forum Administrator.

    If that fails, then I recommend getting a top Government job; and asking there

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    Thanks for your reply


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