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Thread: Avi 'difficulty' with Premiere

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    Default Avi 'difficulty' with Premiere

    I am new to Premiere. When I have downloaded avi in the past the audio and video is together in one file in other editing programs. However, with Premiere, the capture windows specifies that can select different locations for the audio and video means (I assume) they are not "together" in a file containing both audio and video. When I download avi with Premiere and play it in Premiere I get audio and video. When I open the avi clip with Media Player 10 I only get video. Is this because the avi file I am opening contains no audio information (which maybe in the 'conformed audio files folder?). This is important as I will be capturing on one drive and then I will have to move the files to another and start a new project (there is no way around it for reasons I don't have time to get into here). If I dump the downloaded avi files in another drive (with the 'conformed audio files I assume),will Premiere recognize the link between the avi video file and the sound file? Or is this all just a Media Player Problem? Thanks for the help in advance,

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    Hellllllloooooo... Anybody out there?????

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    I presume the silence means no-one is familiar with your problem. Rest assured, we don;t ignore people here.

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    I guess you don't know me well enough to ignore me. The 'problem' part aside, people who have captured with Premiere would, I think, be able to tell me whether the video or audio are captured in one file or two seperate but linked files. No? I am offering 10 servings of good karma for an answer. Going once, going twice...

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    When I capture with Premiere 6 (through firewire from a Digital-8 camcorder) the file is one avi file, which plays back normally with audio & video in Premiere and media player.

    Can't see why it would split it up unless there's a capture setting which has been changed within Premiere.

    Maybe the sound being captured is at a different frequency or something and needs to be conformed before it's played back, total guess though.
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    I just fixed a computer problem that had earlier forced me to capture to a drive that is not my designated video drive. I captured on the drive and the .avi files play fine in Media Player and Premiere with video and sound. Ten servings of bad karma to a Mr. Bill Gates...

    Thanks for the help,

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