Cass Technical High School in Detroit, MI has been an eyesore for many and a beacon of light for others for many years now. There are those who want to see it demolished, and those of us who wish to see it put to good use.
The old school features floor after floor of abandoned school desks, books, chemistry supplies, as well as trash and broken glass anywhere you step. Overall, the building is in GREAT structural shape. Closing the windows would definately help to preserve the place, but why bother when they built a new school right next door? Why bother taking the time to move any of the supplies from the old school when we can order new supplies for the new school? You could literally throw a desk out of the window and make it land near the door of the new school. I guess it is easier to spend that tax money than it is to do a little work..

While there on my last visit, I ran across this chalk board which was home to many names from the past. Most of them are just initials, some initials with a date, and some of them date back to the 1930's!

I put a short video together to preserve this chalk board in this virtual world. It will soon be demolished with all the other supplies in the school..

Click the link below for the video:
The Board