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Thread: Cameramen for Motorsport Wanted...

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    OK, to make sure i dont get a Court case against me, i should probably say Camerawoman too !

    Basically, at the moment we are starting to do more events, and some have started to clash, so we sometimes need extra cameras, so i thought it would be good to get a bit of a list of people i can contact if/when we need extra help

    Its mainly Rally Events, but there is likely to be some other motorsport events too, so you cant be afraid to stand out in the sh*t weather all day

    Equipment - Doesnt have to be anything BBC style, we currenly only use things like the Sony FX1 & Sony FX1000 , and as the TV channel doesnt broadcast in HD we only shoot in DV anyway

    So wherever you are in the UK / Ireland ( or anywhere in europe for that matter i guess as we do intend to go further afield ) then get in touch. Basically just send me some info including the following...........

    Where your based
    What camera you use
    Your Daily Rate
    What experience you have of similar work ( samples if any would be good )

    Typically a days work would be turning up around 8am somewhere, and finishing around 4 or 5pm maybe, but really does vary, and location could be anywhere from a circuit to the middle of Kielder forest !

    So if your interested in it then get in touch

    ( feel free to get in touch if you fancy yourself as a presenter / interviewer / Voiceover etc too )



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    Wayne - replied at length in a PM to this - please have the courtesy to reply - even if it's just a no thanks.


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    I was actually waiting for a reply from you, but it seems my PM hasnt got to you ! good job you mentioned it here !

    Will try again now, if you dont get it, PM me an e-mail address

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