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    im looking to buy a capture card for my xbox 360, i've looked at dazzle etc, but i have a turtle beach and a HDMI cable, i've tried making a capture card with my samsung dvd player, but theres no slot for HDMI so i cant do it, if i buy a capture card im afraid the same will happen? im unsure of what cable go where etc, because i have one red cable and one white, but i think they are for my turtle beach sound, so what capture card could i get which would work with my turtle beach and HDMI?

    Sorry if this makes no sense LOL

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    Capture card huh?
    Well Dazzle is a good one to start with yet you will need to get the HD one to record with your HDMI you will also need AV cables to record game sound yet this would mean I'm guessing you have your turtle beach wires in the AV slots in the back of your TV

    with dazzle being the nice one to start with due to the quality and cost, if you want outstanding quality and your going to be very serious plus have money to spend get a HD PVR (HD PVR Product overview) however I have no idea how these work since I've only ever used dazzle

    P.S If you use a capture card you have to play your game on a screen on your PC well at least that's what my friend did.

    Hoped this helped
    If your unsure how to set it up message me

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