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Thread: What format for US shoot?

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    Default What format for US shoot?


    I have got an assignment in the US in the next month (I live in the UK), and am unsure of what format to use. Up until now, I have used a Sony Z1 in 1080 50i PAL mode for anything shot in europe. I have just got an EX1 and need to shoot some stuff in the US. My main question is whether I go NTSC or PAL? The video will be internet based, but may also be put to DVD for US viewing.


    Some of the footage will also be used in conjunction with that already shot in europe, and with other european footage I will shoot in the future.

    My instinct is to carry on shooting PAL, but I'm worried about the possibility of DVDs being watched on TVs in US.

    Also, for everything that is internet based, what is the best encoding method to use? At the moment, I render most stuff in MPEG-2, but am aware that H.264 is very good as well. My issue is that the MPEG-4 (H.264), may not be compatible with some viewer's systems (will be sent to sales offices, customers etc), due to them not having the correct codecs installed. What would be the best, 'foolproof' method to use?

    As you can tell, I'm not very knowledgeable about this subject!


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    Well, the US is strictly NTSC. But if you're worried about compatibility, just re-render the footage onto a DVD in NTSC. Keep shooting in PAL if that is what you're comfortable with.
    As far as internet compatibility, MPEG-4 offers a smaller file size with great video quality but older systems can easily decode mpeg-2. I don't know who your target audience is, but my guess is that they will have the processing power to view the mpeg-4 video.

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    You may find that you are limited to what the camera can shoot ie PAL only. BUT this is not a problem just do the final render at 30fps NTSC and it will be fine. I use mpeg2 for SD YouTube but in HD the H.264 in a mpeg4 wrapper would keep a better quality.

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    The only problem I see you having is the DVD, you might be better getting the PAL version converted to NTSC professionally with a high quality Standards Converter,
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