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    does anyone know if Corel Studio can burn in metadata into the image of a AVCHD file (or .mts or .m2ts) so that you can see the date and time in the actual image - the output being if possible unchanged .mts - (I realise it cannot then be removed) but it is useful to see when watch on the TV via say a WDTV media player (don't want to use a pc on the TV)

    Any help or ideas would be great - DVMP Pro claims in can do it but I have heard it is slow and only outputs .avi's


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    Why do you want to recompress back to AVC m2t format? This will result in some degradation of the picture quality (but maybe that's OK for your purpose). Instead it is very common for AVCHD m2t files to be decompressed to a lossless format or an intermediate format for editing - this preserves more/all of the picture detail. For example a lossless compressor like Lagarith or intermediate format like Cineform - both of these use the AVI file container, so there is nothing wrong with having your burned-in metadata footage in an AVI. The AVI file is just a wrapper for hundreds of compression formats.

    DVMP Pro uses external decompressors/decoders and compressors that are already on your PC. When burning-in it's therefore as fast as the decoder and compressor that you choose. Some decoders are faster than others, and the speed of the compressor can vary hugely depending on which compressor is chosen by you, the compression format and options. Why don't you try the demo version. There is also an update coming which will output to WMV9 (VC-1) as well as AVI.

    AVCHD does need a lot of intensive processing so it is not going to be a quick process.

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