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Thread: Canon XH-A1 Dirty Heads??

  1. Default Canon XH-A1 Dirty Heads??

    The camera is not reading any of my recorded tapes. At first there was no time code. Now there is, and when I press play all I get is a blue screen and the time starts but gets stuck after two seconds. I am wondering if this is a problem with dirty heads. I have ordered a tape cleaner but I won't have it for another two days or so.

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    Sounds like it. Try to get the same make of head cleaner as the tapes you use (you do only use one brand of tapes I hope) and DO NOT use it for more than ten seconds at a time.

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    Hello. The same situation: I recorded some Sony HDV-63min cassettes (5) and cassette 1 and cassette 3 don't work. The same blue screen, the same tc error. But, if I use fastforward on image (play then push ffw), the image appears. I try to fix it at Sony, but they said it is a cassette problems. Cassettes are not under warranty, so I loose all images. I used over 200 Sony Premium cassettes (HDV and DV), some of them with over 7 recordings, and I didn't have any problems. I got this problems only on 2 Sony HDV-63min cassettes.

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