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Thread: Anyone needing to build their portfolio??

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    Default Anyone needing to build their portfolio??

    Hi everyone

    I'm am looking for someone that may be wanting to build up a potfolio for weddings, I am desperate need for someone to film my wedding on 4 September in the highlands of Scotland area

    We have a very tight budget, and I feel really cheeky asking, but I know what it's like to need to build a portfolio from previously modelling.


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    Let's look at it from the video guy's angle.

    He's gonna get up ridiculously early, spend the entire day with a ton of kit that he has to lumber around AND finish up at an even more ridiculous hour. That is not counting the 2nd camera operator (which most wedding shoots should have) whom will most likely have been paid by the 1st operator.

    Then he will spend a day (maybe 2?...) capturing the many hours of footage, editing it, giving it the professional job here and there.

    Now keeping in mind this chap will have paid for some really good kit to pull all this off so let's call it a...6000 investment (ballpark) this chap is going to be aiming to make money out of shooting weddings videos so he would have to charge a rate that A) goes towards covering the start-up cost of kit. B) the sheer amount of labour involved C) the cost of hiring a second operator.

    Considering all these factors, I think it is VERY unlikely that you will find someone, you might find someone who is very new and wanting to make an entry via word of mouth...but it's very slim.

    If have a VERY very shoestring budget. Might I suggest NOT putting any money towards a photographer and instead putting the money into a video production.

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    Thank you for your harsh reply ! From working many years with photographers in the modelling industry I think going by your attitude, I would far rather spend my money on a photographer !

    But once again thanks for your help

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    I'm sorry, I was simply trying to point out that a person who has forked out 12K to start up a buissiness is looking to make a return on his sizeable investment ASAP.

    I was trying to place you in the shoes of anyone videographer who read your fourm post, so you would not be disappointed if no one contacted you to produce your wedding video...I was trying to list why a video man would be very hesitant to take on a job that would not pay much.

    Sorry again if my statement seemed harsh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mia1 View Post
    Thank you for your harsh reply ! From working many years with photographers in the modelling industry I think going by your attitude, I would far rather spend my money on a photographer!
    Ignore Ben. He's new to the forums and despite warnings, seems intent on alienating everyone.

    I'm getting married myself next year and know first hand just how expensive everything can be. Every little helps, and getting someone who wants to build up their portfolio can be a help, but can obviously be a gamble. However, it's certainly better than (and normally the same price as) going for the cheaper videographers. Take look at some of the posts here to get in contact with people wanting to build their profiles.

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    Hi Mia1. Welcome to the forum.

    Considering that Bigben on his youtube page, offers to do videos for nothing to gain experience, I think you can guess what we're talking about here.

    Bigben will you kindly stop inflating your ego by being so rude to our new posters.

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    If you are struggeling to find someone to do it for nothing. I can offer (for a cheap rate) the editing side alone. If you have someone in you friends and family that would film it for you, I could edit it, grade it, make a DVD menu etc.

    Obviously the result wouldnt be as good as if you had a professional film it but it's an option if you have a really tight budget. If you're interested, please let me know and I'll email you some showreel links.

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    I wish I was in the scotland area.. Otherwise I would of done it, buying the cameras and lenses its time to put them to good use. lol Sorry.

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    I understand why Ben posted what he did. It's a competitive industry out there and lots of people thinking it's both (a) Easy to do and (b) people are charging too much.

    We shoot videos with 2 or 3 operators and (typically) 4 HD cameras. We put in somewhere between 60 and 100 man hours on a Wedding Video. Prices need to be going up not down.

    However, asking for someone looking to build a portfolio is not such a bad idea IF (and only IF) you have no budget. While someone may have spent 6K on equipment (we have 2 or 3 times that much) then they may well need to build a portfolio to take to wedding fairs etc, or put something on the web that shows they can actually produce something worth paying for.

    The main problem of getting someone who is trying to build a portfolio is that you are also getting someone who may not actually know what they are doing yet - so you should expect to get the value for money according to what you paid. If it's free what's it worth? This is why if you have a budget you should get a pro to do it. If not, expect a home movie and if it's any better then it's a bonus.

    Most Pros either came up through the ranks by assisting another pro or by doing the first couple of weddings for free so that they could make the mistakes and had a portfolio to show in order to get paying customers.

    Sorry, we're already booked for your dates .....

    Wedding Videos in York Leeds Harrogate | Yorkshire Wedding Videos
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