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Thread: adobe after effects CS3 -> a few questions

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    Default adobe after effects CS3 -> a few questions

    I was messing around with one of the "bad TV" effects out of the presets, and I was wanting to have it so that the effect only goes for a small duration of the clip, instead of the entire clip.
    I was wondering if there is anyway to have one keypoint of things looking like this:

    to having another keypoint looking like this:

    I couldn't find a master control, nor was i able to change the wave type to none:

    Another question is: how would I be able to slow down the video, stop it at a single frame for a second, then speed it back up to normal speed?

    My third and final question is: what is the best way to export with no quality lost?

    thank you so much for your time.

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    i figure i'll just do the same clip repeated 3 times, and just have a transition to move between without the effect and with the effect.

    now, what I am still unsure about is: how would you take a still frame from an entire clip?

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    About the Bad film effect:
    Try to set keyframes for the wave height and wave with. First keframe: set both values to zero then move up one frame and set a keyframe with values you desire. say you want the effect to last 5 frames:
    go 5 frames ahead, set a keyframe, without changing the values and then set another keyframe one frame ahead to set both values to zero again.

    for the other question, I personally would use Final Cut Pro's time remapping option.
    In after effects there is also a time remap function.
    select the layer you want to time remap an go to "Layer=>time=>enable time remapping.
    You have to fiddle a bit, because you have to set keyframes and then give the specific time of the original video you want to have on that frame.
    For example, if you want the first second to slomo on 50 percent, you set a keyframe on 1 second and change the value to 12 frames.
    If you want to freeze the first second, you go to 1 second and set a keyframe with value 00.00:00

    If you want the freeze frame on 3 seconds and 13 frames, you go to that frame, set a keyframe, go one second ahead (if your freeze needs to be 1 second) and set another keyframe, with the same value as the one before...

    I think you get my drift with this..

    Good Luck...

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    awesome, I'll be sure to give those a try!


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