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    One of my college units required that I created a music video for a band, here is the video I directed and edited.

    Really I just want some feedback that can help me improve any future college music videos I produce.

    The video was filmed a couple of months ago on 3 HDV Sony cameras, I forget the exact models. The video was edited in Sony Vegas.

    I now realize that maybe I cut to the beat way too often, but it will be interesting to see what you think.

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    I thought it was good tight editing but it's all a bit to red for my liking.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I now agree with your feedback about the redness, the video does seem a little gothic with the colour.

    The problem was I wanted to give the video a red tint in colour correction, but when the video looked perfectly how I wanted it on my monitor it looked entirely different elsewhere. The TV I presented the video to the band on made the video look like a washed out pink colour, it seems that the look of the video is affected by factors like colour profiles and brightness of the screen. I guess there is no way around this.

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    I've been there. Everything looks great on your monitor then you burn a DVD and see it on the TV and Oh no, it looks rubbish. You can correct this to get a balance on a number of monitors/TVs. OR go round and fix all TV's it's going to be shown on.

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    The art of the music video is trying to make 3 boring looking geezers in T shirts & jeans, playing a song you've never heard before look fabulously interesting!
    When you've only got film of them in a rehearsal room, going through the motions its going to be an uphill struggle.
    The frantic cutting & editing to the beat, to inject an illusion of movement that isnt really there was a bit too much as you said yourself & it was hard on the eyes.
    The oppressive lighting/ colouring of the video didnt do the video any favours either.
    The highlight of the video for us was when you used the green filter & the white text simply because of the extra colour it introduced & it gave a bit of respite from the 3 geezers in t shirts.
    We dont want to sound completely negative because it was much better filmed than our first music video, we're just saying it can be a tough job to pull off successfully.
    We've always taken the approach the music video should not be the poor, ridiculed relation in the film world & so always have a storyline/plot that develops thru our songs, & work hard to make sure there's no part of the video where the viewers interest can flag.
    So, more colour & variation, more imagination, unusual camera angles, a storyline thought out before you start & the next one will be fabulous!

    Sarah & Allison & Tina

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    So, more colour & variation, more imagination, unusual camera angles, a storyline thought out before you start & the next one will be fabulous!
    Thanks so much for the advice! I wish I had done more with the video now but lets just say I was a little limited with the band. Your advice is certainly very handy and I will make sure to use all the elements you mentioned if I get to create another music video.

    transcribe your music video
    Sorry, I'm a little confused. Do you mean use text for the lyrics, sorta like subtitles?

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