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    so I shot this a couple of months ago using sony cameras z1, z5 and z7.
    I arranged my own crew of various levels to help out- a second year film student, a friend with 0 camera experience and a live sound engineer who was just starting out. I did the lighting and flew a camera. Theres a few shaky shots here and there due to the experience level with the equipment. here ya go.

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    Is it my imagination - or does the proportions (aspect ration?)look wrong? Everyone seems to have have tall, thin faces.

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    I think your right Tim.

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    Yup, the aspect ratio is wrong. I suspect you shot in 16:9 but it's being shown at 4:3.

    Sorry but it's not as good as your last vid. Some very shaky camerawork (shaky as in "not good", not as in "exciting") and the lighting was very uneven with quite a few highlights burnt out. The bass guitarist in particular looking like Nosferatu, way too much light on his head. The lead singer had the opposite problem and his hair blended into the background as did the shadow side of his body.

    I had the feeling that the sound came very close to distortion in the loud sections.

    It's certainly not awful! very good compared to most of what we see but not quite up to the standard of your last video.

    Cool music tho'

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    thats fair to say, this was actually shot a month before the last video, watch the the other way round and you can easily see where improvements have been made.

    Aspect Ratio - irritating as hell and something that has just started happening with my FCP with quicktime conversion, upgrading this month anyway and will be doing a copy through compressor when I have time to spare.

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