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Thread: Cave dancing with JVC DVX507EK

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    Default Cave dancing with JVC DVX507EK

    Hi, I am thinking of an upcoming project to videograph a dance choreography in a cave to lighting provided by fire eaters and fire poi, so low light and moving imagery. The inspiration for the project came from this video on youtube ;

    I have the belly dancer, (my dance instructor), drummers and fire people and I have just repaired my old JVC DVX 507 EK mini DV camera, ( sticky motors after being stored for five years), I also have a hefty tripod to support the camera, although it looks diminutive on top of that big Manfrotto, but stable and shake free it is.

    Now, from memory, I remember the DVX 507 EK was surprisngly good in low light, if operated in the manual setting, but I have sort of forgot how to use it, and I have re read the operating manual, but found it is kind of basic regards what I want to do with this project. So many settings to choose from ranging from twighlight, shutter 1/50, shutter 1/120, slow 4 x, slow 10 x to night colour scope, I am clueless to which settings to experiment with and what about white balance, the manual WB I always left alone, but know it might be better than auto.

    Sound I also intend to capture seperately either via minidisc, or an olympus flash sound recorder I have, as the sound in a subterranean room might be a bit off.

    Is anyone familiar with this dv camera and can offer any advice, or indeed general advice on what I am planning to do ?

    Also for the first time I seem to have a capable computer which will take the I link from the dv camera into the laptop's firewire port, a macbook pro, whereas the pc's I have always had for some reason would not work with video tape transfer. I also plan to use the I movie for this project, as having just got the macbook, I am kind of skint, and also why I have dug out my old mini dv camera instead of using the usual video capture on a compact digital camera, am hoping the dv camera will be more capable for this project.

    Any advice would be much appreciated as I am once again trying to get back into video as an aside from my DSLR still photography, I can combine my love of belly dance with my other arts, photography and videography.
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    Good luck, it sounds like a great project.

    I suspect that your biggest problem will be overexposure. I can hear you thinking "Overexposure? In a dark cave?" but bear with me on this.

    When you have a brightly lit subject with a dark background, the camcorder doesn't know what's important and guesses. This means that highlights often get burnt out. Once you've lost a highlight to white, it's gone, no amount of post-production trickery can get it back.

    So during the shoot watch out for the highlights.

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