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    Hi just downloaded free trial of corals newest editing software. When i go to open project i can t see any of my files that need editing. are they compatiableCheers

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    43 Views and no reply's i must have stumped the Digital Director community

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    Or no one has ever used Coral?

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    You could be right Big Ben, although i did think this software was quite a well known one, but you would be able to tell that

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    Probably you'd get a better result by contacting their support staff directly...

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    When you choose to open a "project" then VS is looking for... a project! It is not looking for video files or any other kind of file, it is looking for the project files that you have already created.

    In the "Edit" tab right click on the library area and import your video/audio assets into the library. Then you can drag then on to the timeline.

    When you are done working you can:

    a. Create a video file of your project as the final product or...

    b. Save you work to that point so that you can come back to it later in the form of a project file.

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