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Thread: Looking for a camerman.

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    Talking Looking for a camerman.

    Hi my name is john paul and i am looking to make a New TV show xcalled lizardbitetv. LizardBiteTV is a new show i am looking to make i hope to get it on TV if i do not i will defo get it on youtube. But to make lizardbiteTV i need some help i have not yet got a sponster so i can not pay you.

    LizardBiteTV will be a TV Show what will be at backbrock zoo we will be filming the animals what are there and have a chta about them.

    If you can help me out please let me no i need as much help as i can get.

    thank you so much for reading this poster i hope it is in the right place to post it.

    please help me out
    from jp
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