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Thread: VASST ReelPak v Magic Bullet Quick Looks

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    Default VASST ReelPak v Magic Bullet Quick Looks

    I use Vegas 6 (poss upgrading to 9 Pro soon), and I've spent far too long messing with all the filters trying to get that "perfect" look.

    The projects I do for work (short promo type things) are usually done to a tight timescale, and I was hoping some plugins would speed things up for me.

    I like the look of Quick Looks from Magic Bullet, it fits my budget and I know it has one single 'intensity' control, but that suits me for now. (BTW, there are some gorgeous sample vids on their site)

    ReelPak from VASST looks OK too, but their website isn't as user friendly and it's hard to see from the still images on there how effective their plugins are. Or how controllable (or otherwise) they may be.

    Do any of you fine folk have experience of both these plugins, or even just thoughts about one or the other, and opinions as to which is best? I'd love to know.

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