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    I am new here and looking for inspiration please. I have been using Vegas 9 platinum for nearly a year with much hassle. Recently we changed the PC we edit with and added an external hard drive for storage. I have started to notice that when we save a finished work to the external or internal hard drive after a week or so we seem to loose part of video or some are merging with others. An example is I edited a 10 minute clip which I saved as AAA. It comprised of about 20 clips and 6 text clips. Two weeks later when I went to open it again an error message said clips 1, 4, 7, 12 were missing. After it has searched it found the missing clips in a file called CCC. It has done this a couple of times since but each time the missing clips turn up in other random files not the same one. Any help or advice appreciated please. PC is running Vista Pro.

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    Well, when you save a clip, the project files can still move around. So unless you render the file, the individual files can still be moved around. None the less, strange that the files moved. I guess it is possible that a disk defragmentation tool could have moved the file to a different folder, but that would indicate a huge issue. A virus is also possible, but i am not sold on either idea.
    I don't know how you store your files within folders, but it may be a good idea to have a folder called video (for vids) and audio (for sound) inside a third folder. This way you have a place where all of your editable media is stored. Ideally you should never delete the files in these folders. This will also allow you to use the video files in multiple projects without the need for duplication. I'd say try a structure like that and see if you still have the problem.

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    Thanks for that. The virus was my first thought but three different virus scans showed all clear. No defrag has occurred. I will take on board your comments about saving to different files and see what happens. Thanks

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