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Thread: looking after an video effect

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    Default looking after an video effect

    i try to edit a videoclip that i have with an effect that will give the effect of cartoon.

    normal video is runing and at some point i want it to freeze and the image thats on the screen to get the effect of animation/cartoon.
    is this possible and if so with what software ?

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    If you want to have full customisation over it, I'd grab the frame that you want to pause the video at and bring it into an image editor, like Photoshop. Then change the image to how you want it, in this case cartoony. Save it and bring it back into the timeline on your editing software.

    If you don't have good image editing software, try searching "Gimp" on google.

    Some editing programs might have this effect built in as a transition or template. I have a feeling iMovie might do, so if you're on a mac have a look through iMovie.

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    Not entirely sure what you're after but New Blue FX do a free plug-in called Cartooner (or similar).

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