Hey first post YAH!. However it's not in like for something good AW! Any how I'm use sonny Vegas 9 pro on a windows 7 computer. now I have a video that was done in 3d max 2010 and render as a AVI HD file and then for the sniper (if you can rly see it that well in the picture) was rendered in 3d max 2010 HD file but then rendered again with the muzzle flash in effects lab pro. Then that file was saved as an AVI. all files imported in to sonny Vegas and when I keyed out the black for each video file. but when I render the video I see these purple lines I when through each layer of the video found the matrix code I made in after effects it had purple on the bottom of it so I just cropped it out. However the other videos do. I also think this is important I was key frame cropping the video from smaller to bigger on each video that still had the purple video lines beside the matrix code. (P.S. can any one tell me what this error would be called?)