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Thread: Motionshare - Free video sharing for Churches etc

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    Post Motionshare - Free video sharing for Churches etc

    Hello, is a new web site, aimed at churches using video in their services and events - but open to everyone!

    The idea is, is that there are lots of people out there who are making background video loops and using them themselves, encourages people to share their creations with others, for free.

    Many people seem to put their videos on youtube - but this is no good for others to download and use, a) due to youtube license limiting to personal use only and b) due to no download option!

    Motionshare hopes to build a growing collection of good quality motions loops, background videos and mini films under the creative commons license. - so free for people to download and use without cost.

    I welcome any comments of suggestions.


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    You need to make it clear to people that the codec you are using is .FLV for "original download material"

    Yes the extension say's .mov but quick-time won't recognise it and when I check the codec info it says .flv1

    EDIT: 2 other files have an extension of .mov but actually have WMV codecs instead.

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    Thanks for the comments - I'll check out the wrong file extensions.
    I am hoping to be able to add file information of the 'original' video - resolution/codec etc...
    The codec of the original video is whatever was used when the video was created - this varies as different people prefer different codecs.
    however, the filename should be correct at least! -I'll look in to it.
    Thanks again.

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    Hmm, there needs to be a way of people seeing the codec information before downloading it.

    Someone might say: "WOW! Amazing video" download it then find they cannot use it with their presentation software.

    Not sure how you would do it though...unless you force people to enter the codec information into a form when they upload.

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    Hi, I am wanting to use MediaInfo on the web server to get the info from the actual file, that will give lots of info

    Better still would be for the server to convert the video to various popular formats...

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    Reading the file headers (as demonstrated in MediaInfo program) or performing video file conversions on a web server would either require masses of PHP script or an existing (and possibly likely to be expensive) server application.

    For not for profit organisations, I wonder if FFMPEG could be licenced to run on a server; and use simple FFMPEG commands in the PHP (as demonstated here).

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    Ichurch is a network where you can create a community for yourself and speak, learn and think about the virtues of life.
    You have the opptuninity to explore the various aspects of life.

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