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    Hi, I hope someone can advise me, I'm a bit lost what with all the software out there!

    I am trying to cut audio and video together accurately and find the software I've tried to be too simple to do it. However I don't want to spend loads only to find more software that isn't suitable!

    I am a musician looking to make looped video, a bit like "mystery guitar man" on youtube (check it if you haven't seen it, it's pretty good!).

    However he uses a Mac with Apple Shake etc, I only have access to a PC.

    The software I've tried eg Cyberlink Powerdirector is more for home video by the looks of it, I find it very hard to sync audio perfectly and it doesn't allow much freedom. Probably just isn't powerful enough.

    Can anyone please suggest some good software, especially if it helps to make looping easy ?

    Many thanks in advance,


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    Most of the consumer level programs will be fairly equal to PowerDirector in their capabilities. The one thing you need to be aware of is that these programs may be able to do what you want but it is you that has not learned how to make it do that.

    They all have a learning curve as far as getting to know what they can do and how they do it.

    On the other hand if you feel this level of program is not going to cut it then you can go up one step to "prosumer." An underrated one that I like and that has pretty powerful features is Magix Video Pro X. You can read some more on it here:
    MAGIX Video Pro X Review. Prosumer Video Editing Software
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