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    Hello.....from Athens

    I have the studio 14 and connected to firewire an older sony dv camera.

    During capturing phase the capuring stops just one time in whole 1 hour time of DV casete and needs to click on stop and start again button. This produce 2 different avi files that i should edit in edit section and make a movie in 3th step of studio to a new avi that contains both of them.

    The causes that makes program stop capturing in unknown. Maybe cassete problems or camera problem and the most strange is that happend only 1 time in every cassete but in different time position.

    Is there any seeting in studio 14 that autocontinue the capturing from the point of stops, so in don't need to edit 2 files to join them in one.

    Also if someone else has faced the same problem of capturing stoping let me know if knows the causes of this problem (cassete,camera,software) or something else

    i would be greatful if someone knows such setting that autostart the capturing whitout needs to click stop and start again
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    The only time this has happened to me was when switching aspect ratios on the camera or if there has been a gap in the recording.

    I'm sorry to say I know of no way of automatically resuming capture to get round the problem.

    However, the importing from DV PAL cameras in S14 has some issues, and it might be worth checking out the Pinnacle forum where there are a couple of possible solutions - there is a beta patch and a suggested driver change for the firewire port.

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    thanx jjn for the immidiate response. I will check if there is problem itwh cassetes

    i have test 12 cassetes and only 2 finished in one section. All others needed to stop and start again to finish the capturing.

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