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Thread: Need new camcorder for about $150

  1. Default Need new camcorder for about $150

    There is wiggle room there, but that's my ideal price. I need it to be full HD, good audio filtering (I don't wanna hear the air or wind in the background). You know, the stuff the average film maker would want. I'm a noob when it comes to this stuff, so I need some help. Any suggestions?

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    Invest the money in lottery tickets and cross your fingers...

    Seriously, you're not going to get a full HD camcorder (other than something like a Zi8 ) for $150 new.

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    ok, what about something that shoots in 720p?

    Is this what I'm looking for:
    Sony Webbie HD MHS-CM1 HD Digital Camcorder - eBay (item 230498048198 end time Jul-14-10 14:56:42 PDT)
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    sry, double post by accident.
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    How much would you pay for a 4 bedroom house?
    How much would you pay for a good car? (not VERY good car)
    How much would you pay for a 42" TV?

    Now imagine someone came up to you and told you "hey look, I can sell you a house/car/TV 80% lower than ANYONE else"

    You gotta ask yourself...what is wrong with what they are selling me that makes it so cheap?

    You'd be lucky to get a GOOD old SD camera for $150...never mind a modern HD camera.

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    Fine, I'll ask something else. What are the most well priced hd cameras.
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    Let me respond with another question:

    What car do you want?

    Bugati Veyron? Or a Ford Mondeo.

    Tell us what you want it to be like.

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    I know even less about cars than I do cameras. Still though, id pick the one that's not the ford.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kenio8185 View Post
    id pick the one that's not the ford.
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    What I am trying to ascertain is what are you expecting from your camera...

    So tell me what you are expecting to achieve with your camera.

    Are you trying to get this level of quality:

    OR this:

    From 1 to 10 what kind of camera do you wish for?
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    Lets just say 720p at 60fps. Here, this guys vid is around what would be ideal.

    What do you think of the Kodak Playsport?
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