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Thread: Need some advice please on lens hoods

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    Default Need some advice please on lens hoods

    Hello, I need a bit of advise on lens hoods. I've a JVC GR-DV2000 video camera which is a few years old now but has basically set in its box untouched until now. I've had a few problems with lens flare and was considering buying a lens hood. My question is "Which shape should I buy? Round, Square, or Rectangular? Its a standard 52mm thread so all shapes are available but which is best? The camera records 4.3 aspect ratio although i've the option to change it to 16.9 while editing with Sony Vegas.

    All help would be very much appreicated,


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    It depends on how the lens focusses.

    If the front element (where you screw the hood on) rotates when you focus or zoom, then you'll need a round hood, if it doesn't, then a square hood tends to be more efficient.

    Failing that a bit of black-wrap and gaffa tape will do the job but it looks pretty tacky!

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    Hi, Thanks for your help. The lens at the front is fixed and does not turn so it looks like i'm on the hunt for a square hood.

    Thanks Again,

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