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Thread: Hi, i have an unusual query

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    Default Hi, i have an unusual query

    I am looking for a place (not ebay) to sell some gear i have
    i am a member of various forums .. and in fact have recently started my own... on mine and on the other ones i am a member of there are places to sell your kit to other trusted members.
    i notice you dont have such a facility here, so i am going to assume it is against the rules... especially for someone who has just joined??
    so with that in mind, can anyone point me in the right direction for selling these bits i have- be it another forum, or anywhere where i dont have to be so heavily stung by ebays god damn charges.

    i am a photographer, and dabbled briefly in video, but decided that a brief dabble was really not adequate to master such a trade... we did have minor success and actually had a clip we shot of helen chamberlin featured on soccer am ... that was the last thing we did... so why not go out on a high i say

    anyway, im really not here to rip anyone off or anything like that... as a measure to show that im not, im not mentioning the gear (i dont want to break any rules)
    also you can see who i am here F8 Creates Ltd (thats my business)
    Real Photographers Forum - The Front Page (thats my new forum)
    and if it makes any odd if you look here [ame=""]The Art of Sound Forum - View Profile: Hamish@@AMEPARAM@@View Profile: Hamish</title>@@AMEPARAM@@Hamish[/ame] you will see my profile on a hifi forum

    as a side note... as i am no longer doing video, i need someone locally to me to recomend... anyone in or around worcester do wedding videos? or promo stuff?

    so, can anyone help?
    im very sorry if i have just marched in and broken your rules, im not here to be a nuisance or upset the apple cart ... i just need to sell this kit and am fed up with ebay taking such a massive cut!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Gaffer View Post
    ha! so you do ... and is it ok for me, as a newbie to peddle my wares?

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    Yup, jump on in, that's what it's there for!

    Peddle away!

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