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Thread: PPCS5 and Capturing issues

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    Default PPCS5 and Capturing issues

    Hey all,

    I've had no problems until I tried to capture footage from my DV camera. I've tested it both with my regular 1chip capture cam, and also with my 3chip Sony VX1000 camera. Same issues occur. I've been capturing with both cameras in CS4 and in CS3 with no problems prior to getting CS5.

    Basically I can watch footage in the capture window. I can capture footage in DV and play it back, I see the video and I hear the sound, however when I drag a clip to the timeline after I've captured it, it wants to create 4 mono tracks instead of placing just one stereo audio track on the timeline. So I checked the footage in the project window and of course it says "32000 Hz - 16-bit - 4 mono". The footage has audio on the first and second track, the other 2 tracks have nothing.

    WHY!!!!! :( How can I capture it to 32000 Hz - 16-bit - Stereo??)

    I've searched for a place to change the capture settings for the audio, but couldn't find one. I can source Channel Map it to something else, but it doesn't go to just one stereo track. The closest I can map it to is if I choose stereo, where it captures to "32000 Hz - 16-bit - 2 stereo" where this time only one of the tracks have audio, the other is blank. I checked my settings in CS4 and it was set to map to what the file is, but in CS5 that setting gives me 4 mono tracks.

    It also randomly captures footage as 655x720 instead of 720x480 which is really annoying!! I'll get maybe 4 out of the 10 clips in 655x480, the others in 720x480.

    Any help would be appreciated!!


    I'm on a Mac Pro 8core Xeon
    Latest Leopard OS with Premiere Pro CS5.0.1
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    Bunt Studios:

    Acer Aspire Intel Core 2 Q6600 Quad
    2.4 GHz Processer
    500GB SATA HD
    300GB IDE External HD (usb)
    2GB DDR2 RAM
    16x DVD DL Burner
    ATI Radeon X1650SE PCI-E Graphics Card
    Dual Monitor (19" DVI LCD, 19" VGA LCD)
    Vista Home

    Adobe Production Studio CS3
    Steinberg Cubase SX3

    Sony VX-1000 with Modded Raynox MX-3000 Lens

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