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Thread: Film & TV Production Guides

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    Lightbulb Film & TV Production Guides


    Free tool for the film & television industry with support for the industry blackbook, pre-scouting locations archive & live jobs mashup @ Location Lockdown * Film & TV Production Guides [Home]

    Production guides with tax credits, crew, gear, studios, cameras, walkies & everything else you could need for your next production.

    Also supports many cities across the world, free listings for crew and business.

    The site is updated daily, and has a contact form for free business & crew listings, or general comments, no information is even needed for the form to make it to us.



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    Major updates happening at the site. New Jobs Mash Ups for India, Germany, Ireland, USA & more.

    Locations section has also had a lot more updated into it. You can do some cool pre-scouting covering a lot of continents.

    This site is for the community and we have free litsings, go to the site and click the orange envelope icon in the bottom toolbar and you will see it is the easiest form on the net to get free listings in the film & tv industry as an actor, crew, technician, business, studio, whatever you need.



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