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    I have a dvd-r that has some public access shows I want to air in my area but they won't air them because the contact info (phone number/ address) is not local. These pop up every few seconds. Is it easy to mask or blur these. I have messed with taking dvd material and converted it with simple software in the past and tried putting it all back together again as a dvd and seen strange affects such as a/v being out of sync. I would just like to know if I as a n00b am getting myself into something too complicated and should just forget about it.
    thank you!

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    If everything works as it should do, you should be able to edit the videos with a blur over the phone numbers and create a new DVD without much trouble. BUT life is not always as simple as that.

    If you use software like Sony Vegas, you can get help from this forum if you need it.

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    Thanks, the only proffesional editng program I have is adobe premiere (a pretty old version maybe 10 yrs old) other than that I am looking at a lot of freeware programs. I have found a program that converted one section to an .avi but all editing programs I use say it can't open/read the codec. It looks like my version of Premeire only handles mpeg's of various versions any ways. I have found a few freeware programs that will convert dvd to mpeg and will try them out tonight. Is mpeg better than avi when it comes to editing? I can not edit a dvd in its original format, right?

    p.s. One problem I am having is that the last chapter of the dvd is corrupted and is having trouble being recognized as a whole. I am trying to save just the first episode of this tv series on this dvd.
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    I don't know how it works exactly in Premiere,
    but in general the most simple option is:

    duplicate the clip in Premiere and put it on top of the original.
    crop the upper clip so that your borders are about around the text.
    Then put a blur effect over the top clip.

    If the telephone number is at the far bottom part of your screen, maybe it's an option to make a sort of letterbox effect.
    Take two solids and move them to upper and lower part of the screen. But that only works if the composition of your visible part of the video stays ok.

    About your MPEG Avi question:
    that all depends on bitrates and video sizes.
    Normally AVI is more native to Adobe than mpeg.
    But you'll have to try out for yourself.


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